Industrial chemicals

We stock a range of antioxidants, stabilisers, and additives for the plastics & rubber industries in Australia and New Zealand.   Read on to find out more...

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Flame Retardants


We are the Australian and New Zealand distributors for:

Dover Chemicals, USA
Products: phosphite antioxidants, stabilizers, fire retardants, chlorinated paraffins,
metal working additives and acrylic monomer (MMA).

Everspring, Taiwan
Products: Hindered phenolic antioxidants.

Pergan AG, Germany
Products: Extensive range of organic peroxides.

Onichem, China
Products: Organo silanes.

Shinetsu Chemicals, Japan
Products: Solid and liquid silicone elastomers.

Sakai Chemical Industry, Japan
Products: Hydrotalcite stabilizers and neutralizers for polymers.

Axel Laboratories, USA
Products: Process aids, release agents.